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  1. Custom Fan Boat for Sale

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    G3 - 1966 Center Console 21 Ft. with additional 2’ float pods Boat is completely custom built & all Aluminum Custom front deck 14” side gunnels with storage compartments 14) 150 watt HPS that are custom flush mounted in front deck 2) 400 watt HPS off both sides of the fan stand 1) 1,000 watt HPS...
  2. F/S 1652 boat, trailer, lights, front and back deck

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    2010 1652 flat bottom boat, aluminum front and rear deck. both can be removed very easy and fast. 6-500 watt halos on 2 separate rails that slide under the front deck. back dry box with front storage. 2003ish g3 boat trailer, solid boat trailer, and in one of the pics you can see where i had a...
  3. price range for my boat?

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    thinking of funding a new project but before i start buying stuff i was want to see what i could get for my boat. 1652 alweld boat built january 2010. lights and decks go with it, looking for a good price for boat alone and then boat and trailer. trailer is an older dilly with a new axle. let me...
  4. 16 ft. mod. V bowfishing boat

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    1996-1648 Sea Nymph. 2000 Mercury tracker 40 hp. 2008 Minkota trolling motor 55lb thrust with co-pilot. 2 aluminum platforms and 8 halogen lights. fish finder/depth finder, front platform has quick disconnect and a seat for rod fishing. (boring fishing) all wiring is below floor and done...
  5. F&F Slickbottom Fan Boat FOR SALE!

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    We have here a 17x66 F&F Slickbottom fan boat with polymer on bottom. It has a 7 ft. deck with 10" walkarounds, Float Pods 115 Johnson outboard motor, and a 503 Ultralite Rotax Motor with 53 hp. We went 11 mph with 4 guys and a bucket full of fish with the fan. It's setup for 24 volt trolling...
  6. Boat for sale. $6000

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    15'-6" Sea Nymph. 2000 tracker motor 40hp. 2007 Minkota trolling motor. 55lb. thrust, foot control and remote control, with 2 remotes, Fish/depth finder, 2 aluminum platforms, 8, 500 watt Halogen lights, 2 marine batteries, all wiring is underneath floor. floor and platforms are covered...