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  1. Boat Names

    i need a good name for my 14 foot aluminum bass/bowfishing boat. any goos suggestions? thinking about "stickin around" or "ss penitrator"
  2. Good beginner boat

    Bowfishing Boats
    Hey everyone I was just wondering how big of a boat I would need for me and a friend to bowfish comfortably in. We won't be adding lights but would like a small platform on it. Thanks for any suggestions.
  3. looking for a very specific boat.

    General Bowfishing
    im looking for a very specific 1448 jon boat. my uncle has a welded 1448 semi-v grizzly tracker with a split back seat and a taller transom, they made them a few years ago but not long and i want one. also g3 makes one similar to that now. if any one know someone who has either of the two let me...
  4. bow, boat, pups...

    Classified Section
    got a few things im looking to get rid of, pse sidewinder bows, 29in draw, 50-70lbs, rh it has some small scratches and such but a great bow for a starter, back up, hog bow. 100 bucks you ship...
  5. Advice for Newcomers, please!

    Welcome to the "NEW" Bowfishing
    Hello, me and some buddies went out this weekend for the first time. Got the AMS reel system and it worked great! We need more practice as we each shot probably 100 times and only hit two fish. I guess that will come with time. We need some help with our boat/light set up. Does anyone have...
  6. 16ft bowfishing boat

    Classified Section
    1996-1648 Sea Nymph. 2000 Mercury tracker 40 hp. 2008 Minkota trolling motor 55lb thrust with co-pilot. 2 aluminum platforms and 8 halogen lights. fish finder/depth finder, front platform has quick disconnect and a seat for rod fishing. (boring fishing) all wiring is below floor and done very...
  7. Ranger 451V with 150 hp Mercury XR6 for sale.

    Classified Section
    Not exactly the typical bowfishing machine but, it is what I use. The boat is a 1992 Ranger 451V bass boat. It is 17.5 ft. long and on a Ranger Trail trailer. It has a 150 hp Mercury XR6 on a Para Lift Jack Plate. It will run in the mid to upper 60's all day long. The boat looks almost new...
  8. 17-18 feet

    Classified Section
    hey guys, Im just fishing to see whats out there for now but does anyone have a welded flat bottom or mod v hull and trailer with motor preferable or without that would want to sell? Not looking for a deck and lights and genny and all just looking for the hull, trailer, and motor. Im in...
  9. 16 ft. mod. V bowfishing boat

    Classified Section
    1996-1648 Sea Nymph. 2000 Mercury tracker 40 hp. 2008 Minkota trolling motor 55lb thrust with co-pilot. 2 aluminum platforms and 8 halogen lights. fish finder/depth finder, front platform has quick disconnect and a seat for rod fishing. (boring fishing) all wiring is below floor and done...
  10. The ultimate shad shooting experience

    General Bowfishing
    Where Are the shad?!! I want the ultimate shad shooting experience. Witch lakes are the best for shad? I'm talking shoot till your fingers bleed. Ill take bloody fingers over a 7 foot gar any day. Baaadoooooshhh!!
  11. 16' john for sale! quick sale make offer! perfect project boat!!!

    Classified Section
    My motor caught fire somehow and burnt my back seat and the wood on the transom. besides that its a perfectly working boat.. a very minimal face lift and you have a bowfishing boat for a steal... i would fix up myself as i was going to but my budget just got cut as we all know will happen. i...
  12. F&F Slickbottom Fan Boat FOR SALE!

    Classified Section
    We have here a 17x66 F&F Slickbottom fan boat with polymer on bottom. It has a 7 ft. deck with 10" walkarounds, Float Pods 115 Johnson outboard motor, and a 503 Ultralite Rotax Motor with 53 hp. We went 11 mph with 4 guys and a bucket full of fish with the fan. It's setup for 24 volt trolling...
  13. Boat for sale. $6000

    Classified Section
    15'-6" Sea Nymph. 2000 tracker motor 40hp. 2007 Minkota trolling motor. 55lb. thrust, foot control and remote control, with 2 remotes, Fish/depth finder, 2 aluminum platforms, 8, 500 watt Halogen lights, 2 marine batteries, all wiring is underneath floor. floor and platforms are covered...
  14. Generator Deck and light questions.

    General Bowfishing
    I have a 14 foot V bottom bow and shot a lot of carp out of it this last year. I have a nice deck raised maybe 6 inches. I am going to get a generator soon ( thinking about a CHampion 3500 watt? and suggestions?) and am wondering if how to rig the lights onto the deck. if i should make a deck...
  15. Boat and Light Questions! Help

    Welcome to the "NEW" Bowfishing
    Hey. I love bow fishing and have a 14 fishing boat with a nice plat form on it now. I have a trolling motor bow mount. I am planning on getting a champion generator and flood lights and also getting a 15 horse motor. i am wondering if that will be to much weight or should i be ok? thanks guys!
  16. Sea Nymph bowfishing boat. forsale. 6500 Iowa

    Classified Section
    Very nice bow fishing boat. Not sure of the year I'll find out asap. when I get to my parents and check the registration. we put a 2000 50 hp. tracker motor with push button trim and all new controls on last summer. comes with 2 aluminum platforms with all weather carpet on tops. 8- 500 watt...
  17. all aluminum pontoon !! custom

    Classified Section
    i have a 6ft wide 10 foot long pontoon with all aluminum deck and custom transom built for tiller hand motor it has a easy drive on trailer the boat is in great shape not beat up or any thing. i was building for a 3 person tournament boat but decided im goin to buy a air boat now im asking what...
  18. 14ft semi v or 14ft jon boat?

    Bowfishing Boats
    Hello, I am new to this bowfishing with a boat deal and to be honest its a head ache lol anyways i have a 14ft crestliner semi-v. ive made a crude platform on the front of it outa 2x4s and plywood. tested it and it was a little shakey but not bad just a ugly looking rig lol. well anyways my...
  19. Thinking of going trolling prop to Fan

    Fan Setups
    I have a 20' custom built boat we use to bowfishing. We have a good setup however we fish a lake that has lots of stumps and standing timber. I have a 80 lbs mercury troller right now which works well for the setup that I am using. However, at 30-50 bucks every prop its getting pretty...
  20. Selecting the best lights for a New Setup

    I have a boat already setup I have 6-500 watt halogen lights on the boat and I am pleased with the way everything works. I am running all these lights off of a 5000 watt generator. I have a buddy that is setting up a boat and we were looking at what is the best kind of lights to put on the...