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  1. Looking for a new bow

    Bowfishing Bows & Gear
    I'm looking for a new bow because I umm "misplaced" my old one and have narrowed it down to about 3 bows. Ive looked at the AMS Fish Hawk, AMS Fire Eagle, and the Alpine Mako. Does anybody have any suggestions on one of the 3 or a better bow. Oh by the way I plan to use a Muzzy reel with it and...
  2. Fred Bear Compound Bow: Black Bear, Polar Ltd. Great for Bowfishing

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    $80 OBO, TYD.
  3. WTB $100 range LH bow

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    I am looking to get a LH bow in the $100 range. I just started shooting a couple weeks ago with a buddy's RH bow and its a little difficult being left handed. I just need something that works decent and is very reasonably priced since im still new to bowfishing. Im located in central Indiana and...
  4. bow, boat, pups...

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    got a few things im looking to get rid of, pse sidewinder bows, 29in draw, 50-70lbs, rh it has some small scratches and such but a great bow for a starter, back up, hog bow. 100 bucks you ship...
  5. WTB: PSE Discovery

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    Im getting rid of my old bow and trying to find a discovery for sale. If anyone has one comment.
  6. Jennings CK 4.0 Bow: 175.00 TYD!

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    Got a Jennings CK 4.0 70lb 29'' dl. best part of this bow is how forgiving it is... very smooth release. i dont have a pic up yet of the actual bow but there is nothing wrong with it. shot it last bowfishing/deer season and shot like a dream! no main reason to sell. just wont be using it this...
  7. how to start outfitting?

    I live in illinois and i cannot find the regulations to start guiding bowfishing trips in missouri and illinois. does anyone know where to find this info? thanks!
  8. Barracuda brand new last years model F/S

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    I have two more barracudas for sale last years model but brand new. They charged me 10 more bucks than last time so it will be $190.00 ea TYD. If you want it insured it will be $5.00 extra. Shoot me a PM if you want one. Dom
  9. Best Bowfishing Bow

    Bowfishing Bows & Gear
    I have been shooting the Matthews Sportsman bow. Which I really like because it has no let off and still is a really good bow. I am curious of some other good options as I am trying to pic up a couple more bows for guest/extra bows to have in the boat. Also I use a reel mounted seat and muzzy...