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  1. Bowfishing Bows & Gear
    Hello gentlemen. I'm in need of some advice. I recently bought a used osprey and with in minuets of it being in my hands I realized something was very wrong with the bow... long story short one of the hinges was bent.. I'm getting ready too oder new hinges should I replace any other parts...
  2. Blog
    KILL-M-DEAD BOWFISHING PRESENTS THE 1ST ANNUAL "SHOOTING AGAINST CANCER BOWFISHING TOURNAMENT Kill-M-Dead Bowfishing & Wappapello Crappie Club Presents The 1st Annual Karen Fischer "Shooting Against Cancer" Bowfishing Tournament Saturday July 13, 2010 at Lake Wappappello (NIGHT TIME...
  3. Bowfishing Bows & Gear
    I'm looking for a new bow because I umm "misplaced" my old one and have narrowed it down to about 3 bows. Ive looked at the AMS Fish Hawk, AMS Fire Eagle, and the Alpine Mako. Does anybody have any suggestions on one of the 3 or a better bow. Oh by the way I plan to use a Muzzy reel with it and...
  4. Classified Section
    I am in the market for an Oneida bow. Preferably an osprey but all models are welcomed. I am a large guy with orangoutang arms so I might need a longer draw. So anybody looking to part with an Oneida? Thanks fellas.
  5. Bowfishing Bows & Gear
    Hey fellas, i am looking to upgrade from my old PSE bow to a legit bowfishing specific compound bow. Based on ya'lls experience, what is the hands down best bowfishing bow out there?
  6. General Bowfishing
    Well went to my first tournament yesterday and we ended up Gettin 3rd. Anyhow a have been shootin a recurve since I started bow fishing and after losing as many fish as I did yesterday due to my dang tips blowing a gaping hole in the side and poor penetration on head shots I think I have decided...
  7. Welcome to the "NEW" Bowfishing
    As a greenhorn I am asking what is the best bow out on the market? Don't let price be an issue either. I want to see what your opinions are and why you think certain things about particular bows. So when I buy mine, I can get the best possible one that is available.
  8. Classified Section
    Hey I have a Black eagle in great condition just restrung and tuned last week has been shot around 10 times since. Asking $450 plus shipping it will come with a hard case and 10 arrows if they are wanted Draw is adjustable but set at 28.5 Draw weight is also adjustable and set at 60 lbs right...
  9. Bowfishing Bows & Gear
    I was just in the market for a new bow before the ice comes off here and I was wondering if anyone has heard much about the performance and any issues with the AMS Fire Eagle. If you've got reason to think another bow would be a better choice (with the exception of Oneidas) please explain. Thanks
1-9 of 9 Results