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  1. General Bowfishing
    Hey all, I just moved to Chanute, Kansas. I was looking for insight on good locations in the area to chase down some carp or gar. Thanks
  2. Blog
    i was wondering if anyone knows the current water conditions of shelbyville lake. wanting to get out there this weekend if the water is right. any info would be appreciated!!!! has anyone been shooting any fish there?
  3. Blog
    Okay so I've use the pro point before, but i havent really heard too much about it.. i like them because they hold fish good due to the small hole it put into the fish.. but the thing i dont like is that they have that little o-ring inside and if you dont have an extra one they are junk for the...
  4. Blog
    i have a bran new fan set up for sale that is complete 190 degree steering, this fan is ready to go on your boat with very little fabricating ,includes new 13hp motor with 2 year full replacement no questions ask warranty , 36'' 3 blade fan, fan shroud, every thing just put on my boat to test...
  5. General Bowfishing
    biiig belleville grass carp new state record if it werent with a bow
  6. General Bowfishing
    first off sorry for no pic yet im on a psp right now,but tonight i shot a funny lookin carp and didnt no wat it was. my buddy said it was a mirror carp. ive never heard of or seen one of these. it had randomly placed scales partly shiny partly black. is this soundin like a mirror carp? and are...
  7. Trophy Room
    Two pretty good buff's. One is 25lbs. and the other is 18 lbs. There is nothing like a pretty day out on the water with good friends and your old trusty! 17 fish total
  8. General Bowfishing
    Just recently moved to phoenix Arizona from Cleveland. Shot carp up their every spring. Was wondering what are the best locations and times of the year to shoot carp. Around what time do they spawn?
  9. Washington Bowfishing Association
    hey guys im new to the site and bowfishing. I just got all rigged up and tried it on moses lake for the first time on monday. I got one fish but it was a freak accident. I was aiming at a bucket in the reeds, missed it and stuck a fatty in the side. Other than that lucky shot of a lifetime i had...
  10. General Bowfishing
    Where Are the shad?!! I want the ultimate shad shooting experience. Witch lakes are the best for shad? I'm talking shoot till your fingers bleed. Ill take bloody fingers over a 7 foot gar any day. Baaadoooooshhh!!
  11. General Bowfishing
    I have a 14 foot V bottom bow and shot a lot of carp out of it this last year. I have a nice deck raised maybe 6 inches. I am going to get a generator soon ( thinking about a CHampion 3500 watt? and suggestions?) and am wondering if how to rig the lights onto the deck. if i should make a deck...
  12. Classified Section
    i have a 6ft wide 10 foot long pontoon with all aluminum deck and custom transom built for tiller hand motor it has a easy drive on trailer the boat is in great shape not beat up or any thing. i was building for a 3 person tournament boat but decided im goin to buy a air boat now im asking what...
1-12 of 12 Results