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  1. Close up pictures of Deadeye's bowfishing deck

    Bowfishing Boats
    I have gotten quite a few PM's asking for pictures of how I constructed my bowfishing deck, so I thought I'd just make a post about it for future reference. I can't remember my exact deck specs, but I made it to fit over the mod-v front that my boat has, because I can't stand a small deck for...
  2. Not a great week if you were a common carp (**PIC HEAVY***)

    General Bowfishing
    For starters, I have been trying to take my friend Tim on a huge bowfishing trip for some time now, three years actually, and we finally were able to make it happen. I tuned up the boat and fan the week prior to our trip, and we made preparations for the long haul. We had four nights to shoot...