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  1. new fan setup 4 sail

    i have a bran new fan set up for sale that is complete 190 degree steering, this fan is ready to go on your boat with very little fabricating ,includes new 13hp motor with 2 year full replacement no questions ask warranty , 36'' 3 blade fan, fan shroud, every thing just put on my boat to test...
  2. 1760 F&F Fan Boat / Fanboat For Sale. 24HP Fan Motor. 115HP Suzuki - Asking $10,000

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    1760 F&F Fan Boat / Fanboat For Sale. 24HP Fan Motor. 115HP Suzuki - Asking $10,000 Owned this bowfishing rig for about 4 months now and went out on about 5 bowfishing trips or so. Nice little boat but don't have as much time to bowfish as I thought I would. Have title for the trailer and...
  3. Fan stand ?'s

    Fan Setups
    Getting a fan in the near future more than likely will have all controls for steering and throttle. I will have to make my own fan stand, this will be my first fan so I need to know the ins and outs of this fan stand before I get going. Is there a certain degree u want your fan to sit as far as...
  4. WTB 16FT Fanboat Ready To Fish!

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    Looking for a 16FT fan boat that's ready to fish. I'm in southern Louisiana so something within 6 hours driving distance preferred. Let me know what you have and price. Thanks.
  5. Thinking of going trolling prop to Fan

    Fan Setups
    I have a 20' custom built boat we use to bowfishing. We have a good setup however we fish a lake that has lots of stumps and standing timber. I have a 80 lbs mercury troller right now which works well for the setup that I am using. However, at 30-50 bucks every prop its getting pretty...
  6. Slipstream/Hascon is here! (again)

    Fan Setups
    Hey guys, I see you got a new forum and all the old stuff was removed. I've been getting some bowfishing calls this week and it reminded me that I should get active on this forum again. So, I'm re-posting my old welcome thread. I'd be very interested in hearing from those who are already...
  7. fan stand and steering

    Fan Setups
    in need of some one to build fan stand and set up steering i have motor and prop. already preferabley near cola. sc or surrounding states. please leave PM
  8. WTB Boat hull for a build. Big enough for fan.

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    Im looking for a boat hull big enough to put a fan on. Not sure of size, just would like to see whats out there. I have all equipment to put on the hull so I dont need any extras. Unless the price is right ;)