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  1. New to Southeast Kansas

    General Bowfishing
    Hey all, I just moved to Chanute, Kansas. I was looking for insight on good locations in the area to chase down some carp or gar. Thanks
  2. North Texas Bowfishing??

    General Bowfishing
    Currently in Afghanistan, coming home next month. Looking for somewhere relatively near Dallas (within 200 miles) to do some good bowfishing. I have heard the trinity river is excellent for gar, but in DFW it's nothing more than a sewage system. ANY ideas as of where on the Trinity the monsters...
  3. The ultimate shad shooting experience

    General Bowfishing
    Where Are the shad?!! I want the ultimate shad shooting experience. Witch lakes are the best for shad? I'm talking shoot till your fingers bleed. Ill take bloody fingers over a 7 foot gar any day. Baaadoooooshhh!!
  4. all aluminum pontoon !! custom

    Classified Section
    i have a 6ft wide 10 foot long pontoon with all aluminum deck and custom transom built for tiller hand motor it has a easy drive on trailer the boat is in great shape not beat up or any thing. i was building for a 3 person tournament boat but decided im goin to buy a air boat now im asking what...
  5. Oklahoma and Missouri

    General Bowfishing
    I was wondering where some of the best rivers or lakes are for gar in oklahoma or Missouri