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  1. Classified Section
    Im Selling my buddies 3500/4000 watt Champion genny. Ive shot with this genny numerous times and its never so much as flinched. The owner upkeeps this genny more then anybody i know. absolutely baby's it. hes had it for a couple seasons but like I said it runs quite and runs perfect for short...
  2. Lighting
    ok im using a Husqvarna Generator 420GN 2000 watt 4 HP and i purchased 7-150 hps econo lights. is that going to run the lights effectively and is there anything else i may need to do to this setup? any photos or help would be greatly appreciated!!!! thanks! btw anyone up between st.louis and...
  3. Trolling Motor Discussion
    im trying to hope for a way to save time on batteries and try using my 2000w genny to run my lights (7 150 hps) and the minnkota? any ideas or am i doomed to battery beatings!
1-3 of 3 Results