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    I have an Oneida Black Eagle that is one of the original prototypes. Serial number is 16 and it's hand signed by the then president of Oneida bows L. Rodger Loomis so it's a bit unique. I had it completely rebuilt last year and it shoots smooth and sweet- ready to hunt or fish. It's a RH, 50/70...
  2. Classified Section
    I have a very nice 2009 Martin MOAB (Archerytalk Addition) flat black riser with camo limbs. I had a 28" DL module in now, but comes with a bunch of different DL modules. Currently it is set for 28" DL/70 Lbs DW. It was Martin's 2009 flagship single-cam model. It is very similar to a...
1-2 of 3 Results