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  1. Blog
    Hello, is their anybody that knows a good area in central Minnesota to shoot some carp?
  2. Lake Reports
    I know of a couple good bodies of water within an hour or two, but I was wondering if anybody had some other good lakes close?
  3. General Bowfishing
    Where Are the shad?!! I want the ultimate shad shooting experience. Witch lakes are the best for shad? I'm talking shoot till your fingers bleed. Ill take bloody fingers over a 7 foot gar any day. Baaadoooooshhh!!
  4. General Bowfishing
    Little help from the arkie's thinking about moving around Rogers area and there are some big lakes around there wanting to know if they are any good for bow fishing. Also may head down there this summer to do some bowfishing and check the area out. Are these lakes any good: Bull Shoals Table...
1-4 of 4 Results