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  1. Engine Shop
    I have a 1990 90 hp yamaha motor with side mounted throttle and all cables runs excellent I want to down grade to a smaller outboard or do away with it completely and just run a fan setup just wondering what i can expect to get for the motor if I were to try and sell it any advice would be...
  2. Trolling Motor Discussion
    I just bought the iota dls-45 and I am having trouble getting the right cord size and terminal connections for the unit. I want to run the converter from my generator to my battery. Any advice would be appreciated and if you have a link to where I could find an already made connector that would...
  3. General Bowfishing
    hey guys a buddy of mine has a 1980's evinrude he is willing to sale me for a good deal, its a 50hp and he says it runs decent but needs a little TLC. before i buy it, is there any thing i need to look for?
  4. Blog
    hey guys my buddy has a 1980's evinrude 50hp that he is willing to sell me for a good deal. i know historically these motors are good but is there anything i need to look for or know about with this year model or hp? any info would help, hate to buy it just to find out during the 80's evinrudes...
  5. Trolling Motor Discussion
    im trying to hope for a way to save time on batteries and try using my 2000w genny to run my lights (7 150 hps) and the minnkota? any ideas or am i doomed to battery beatings!
  6. Fan Setups
    in need of some one to build fan stand and set up steering i have motor and prop. already preferabley near cola. sc or surrounding states. please leave PM
1-6 of 6 Results