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  1. Classified Section
    Selling oneida osprey green dead fin bowfishing setup. Bow is a long 30-50lb 28"-31"draw. The bow is in good working order no issues, I have never changed the poundage, draw length or messed with the timing it fit me fine from the factory. Comes with everything listed below. *rpm m1x trigger...
    $800 USD
  2. General Bowfishing
    Just a shout out to Mark Morrison and his recent article in Bowhunter Magazine. Great read if you get a chance. Nice work Mark!! I love that type of bowfishing. Check it out.
  3. Classified Section
    PSE Barracuda with blue Aqua Camo, 2 arrows with AMS sliders and Muzzy Carp tips. AMS Retriever PRO reel. E-mail for pics. Still in plastic wrap. $325 [email protected]
  4. General Bowfishing
    For starters, I have been trying to take my friend Tim on a huge bowfishing trip for some time now, three years actually, and we finally were able to make it happen. I tuned up the boat and fan the week prior to our trip, and we made preparations for the long haul. We had four nights to shoot...
  5. General Bowfishing
    I had to dig these out of the rafters...some past footage we shot while just having a good time. Thinking about picking up the camera again this spring and filming more. Some of the audio has changed on my YouTube videos, I had the footage synced to a few songs in the past...but they are...
  6. Bowfishing Bows & Gear
    I have been shooting the Matthews Sportsman bow. Which I really like because it has no let off and still is a really good bow. I am curious of some other good options as I am trying to pic up a couple more bows for guest/extra bows to have in the boat. Also I use a reel mounted seat and muzzy...
  7. Tournaments
    It is that time….. Once again I am so excited about this event approaching! The Missouri Dept of Conservation along with Missouri Whitetails is proud to host the 3rd Annual Missouri Youth Bowfishing Event! We have so many folks that jumped on board when this was just a "dream" to help make...
1-7 of 7 Results