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  1. Blog
    Does anyone know if it is possible to use the limbs from a PSE "USA ARCHERY" on a PSE "DISCOVERY 2"? Thanks
  2. Classified Section
    PSE Barracuda with blue Aqua Camo, 2 arrows with AMS sliders and Muzzy Carp tips. AMS Retriever PRO reel. E-mail for pics. Still in plastic wrap. $325 [email protected]
  3. Bowfishing Bows & Gear
    I know PSE sells the Nova for bowfishing. Is the Deer Hunter/Nova Team Fitzgerald the same? Could i mount an AMS Retriever just the same? B/c i found a good deal for the Deer Hunter/Team Fitzgerald locally ($100). Worth getting for a basic bowfishing setup?
  4. Classified Section
    Im getting rid of my old bow and trying to find a discovery for sale. If anyone has one comment.
1-4 of 4 Results