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  1. Bowfishing Bows & Gear
    Hey everyone I'm new to the site and pretty new to bowfishing too. This year will be my second year bowfishing, but I'm already addicted! Last year I used an old 30 lb compound and a wrap up the line reel. This year I want to upgrade my gear. What would you guys recommend for a bow...
  2. Bowfishing Bows & Gear
    i am looking for a right handed reel either an AMS retriever or a muzzy reel
  3. Bowfishing Bows & Gear
    I have been shooting the Matthews Sportsman bow. Which I really like because it has no let off and still is a really good bow. I am curious of some other good options as I am trying to pic up a couple more bows for guest/extra bows to have in the boat. Also I use a reel mounted seat and muzzy...
  4. AMS Bowfishing
    How many people out there use AMS retrievers over spinners? i no me and all my buddies use the retrievers =)
1-4 of 6 Results