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    G3 - 1966 Center Console 21 Ft. with additional 2’ float pods Boat is completely custom built & all Aluminum Custom front deck 14” side gunnels with storage compartments 14) 150 watt HPS that are custom flush mounted in front deck 2) 400 watt HPS off both sides of the fan stand 1) 1,000 watt HPS...
  2. Classified Section
    My motor caught fire somehow and burnt my back seat and the wood on the transom. besides that its a perfectly working boat.. a very minimal face lift and you have a bowfishing boat for a steal... i would fix up myself as i was going to but my budget just got cut as we all know will happen. i...
  3. Bowfishing Bows & Gear
    these came on my bow and since im bowfishin i really dont need it i dont no the brand or anything about it really all i no is its a 2 plane 3 pin bow sight... make me an offer on it if ur interested <a...
1-3 of 3 Results