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  1. Classified Section
    I am looking for a pontoon that is either already setup for bowfishing or would be easily turned into one. Im located in central Indiana and hoping to find one within the state or ohio, michigan, or illinois. Looking to drop around $3000.00
  2. Blog
    I have a 18" mud buddy and am looking to install a better setup for it. Any ideas for an easy to build rig? pictures are appreciated.
  3. Lighting
    ok im using a Husqvarna Generator 420GN 2000 watt 4 HP and i purchased 7-150 hps econo lights. is that going to run the lights effectively and is there anything else i may need to do to this setup? any photos or help would be greatly appreciated!!!! thanks! btw anyone up between st.louis and...
  4. Trolling Motor Discussion
    im trying to hope for a way to save time on batteries and try using my 2000w genny to run my lights (7 150 hps) and the minnkota? any ideas or am i doomed to battery beatings!
  5. Fan Setups
    I have a 20' custom built boat we use to bowfishing. We have a good setup however we fish a lake that has lots of stumps and standing timber. I have a 80 lbs mercury troller right now which works well for the setup that I am using. However, at 30-50 bucks every prop its getting pretty...
  6. Fan Setups
    Hey guys, I see you got a new forum and all the old stuff was removed. I've been getting some bowfishing calls this week and it reminded me that I should get active on this forum again. So, I'm re-posting my old welcome thread. I'd be very interested in hearing from those who are already...
1-6 of 6 Results