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  1. North Texas Bowfishing??

    General Bowfishing
    Currently in Afghanistan, coming home next month. Looking for somewhere relatively near Dallas (within 200 miles) to do some good bowfishing. I have heard the trinity river is excellent for gar, but in DFW it's nothing more than a sewage system. ANY ideas as of where on the Trinity the monsters...
  2. Greenhorn in Las Vegas who is moving back to Texas

    Welcome to the "NEW" Bowfishing
    Greetings All my name is Charles and I am a greenhron to the sport. I am looking forward to learning more about this sport as my brother and I are just starting out. :cool:
  3. Proposed Bill to Allow Bowfishing in Certain TX Counties Where It Is Currently Banned

    Texas Bowfishing Association
    Currently, the following law makes it illegal to bowfish on navigable rivers or streams in Dimmit, Edwards, Frio, Kenedy, Llano, Maverick, Real, Uvalde or Zavala Counties. Representative King from Zavala County has proposed a House Bill which would make bowfishing legal on navigable rivers...