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  1. WTB bowfishing pontoon in Indiana

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    I am looking for a pontoon that is either already setup for bowfishing or would be easily turned into one. Im located in central Indiana and hoping to find one within the state or ohio, michigan, or illinois. Looking to drop around $3000.00
  2. WTB $100 range LH bow

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    I am looking to get a LH bow in the $100 range. I just started shooting a couple weeks ago with a buddy's RH bow and its a little difficult being left handed. I just need something that works decent and is very reasonably priced since im still new to bowfishing. Im located in central Indiana and...
  3. Jennings CK 4.0 Bow: 175.00 TYD!

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    Got a Jennings CK 4.0 70lb 29'' dl. best part of this bow is how forgiving it is... very smooth release. i dont have a pic up yet of the actual bow but there is nothing wrong with it. shot it last bowfishing/deer season and shot like a dream! no main reason to sell. just wont be using it this...
  4. WTB Boat hull for a build. Big enough for fan.

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    Im looking for a boat hull big enough to put a fan on. Not sure of size, just would like to see whats out there. I have all equipment to put on the hull so I dont need any extras. Unless the price is right ;)