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17x7 Red River Airboat SALE!

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2007 17x7 Red River Airboat
Epidemic light rail was put on this year
11 hubbell SQ 500 with 225 ultra bulbs
front steering
2 to1 reduction
zz4 355 chevy put in new last Aug.
76 in waterwalker 3 blade. refinished after St. pattys day.
poly is in great shape
no dents



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top speed?
yea just txt me @ 9034520135 AND ILL SEND THEM BY EMAIL OR TXT
I just sent you a text with my email to send the photos to.
dang it this thing needs to get outa my shop so i can put my goose trailer in...dang decals are starting to fade
make a offer
1st reasonable offer takes it.
How far from Athens are you? I'll be flying to DFW on Wed. Have to be down there on Saturday.
Bout a hour and 1/2
Athens ain't the place to be.
I can not believe someone has not bought this nice.boat - ttt
dang thing doesnt even have a dent in it
817 487-1648 .... Text me when u get time I'm very interested in the boat
Still for sale? If so, do you have any more pictures?
Still for sale this week

text or call for pic or whatever
To bad u don't need a fan boat .lol bump for u.
41 - 60 of 62 Posts