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Had a pretty good season, ended up watching 603 ducks die this season on my hunts. I hunted 41 times with a bunch of different folks. Hunted rice fields, catfish ponds, sloughs, brakes, timber, open water, bean fields, corn fields, and some sheet water. Here are some pictures. The black dog picked up over 300 of those birds. I wish I had kept a precise number though, but he went on all my hunts but I think 4 or 5. Some highlights were three bands (two on opening days, 1 blue wing on opening day of sept teal season/1 greenwing on opening day of regular season) Then I shot a double banded scaup on the fish ponds with my little brother so that was pretty special. Almost got shot with the GA boys, but god was watching out for us that day. Been a crazy season, one I was glad to see end, but also can't wait for it to get back next year. I have ridden out to the farm today and yesterday looking at ducks, they're still here. Got a youth hunt this weekend I am going to help with hopefully.

1 - 20 of 69 Posts
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