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I figured I would post a thread with all the DRBA members. As we get new members join the club I will post their names also. This can be one way of welcoming all of our current members. This list is only for 2011 so if you haven't renewed your membership your name will not be listed, but as soon as you do I will be sure to post it. Once you are a member then your spouse is automatically a club member. Most are previous members but we do have some new members this year also.

Let's give a hand and welcome the DRBA's 2011 Members...:wave:

Aaron Galloway
Adam Burton
Adam Harper
Andy Cardwell
Brandon Rodgers
Chase Baker
Chris Lee
CJ Hamner
Greg Jones
Jamen Frederick
Jason Greer
Jeff Lutgring
Jeremy Oller
Jeremy Pease
Joe Nichols
Josh Board
Josh Cole
Josh Watson
Kenny Henson
Lincoln Poehlein
Matt McGuyer
Mel Greer
Mike Marchand
Randy Parker
Rich Bruner
Ron Willett
Scott Johns
Shaun Robey
Taylor Farrar

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Make sure you guy bring your membership fees to the Tough MAN. You will have to pay $5 per NON-member if your not a member. These fees help us pay for the youth events and the pavilion at Fenton access.

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welcome to the drba u wont find a better good of people they will do anything to help u out
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