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28 HP Kawasaki V Twin Fan set up

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I am selling my fan set up it is a great system with drum steering. I just recently broke the crankshaft and I have decided to just use my trolling motor set up. The crankshaft and prop will have to be replaced but the alum mount, alum fan shroud, hub, and steering system are all in good shape. I can't seem to get pics to post on here but PM me and I will text you some. I am located in NE Arkansas about 100 miles from Little Rock. I am asking 2500.00 OBO.
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This real?
:laugh:.. You gonna fix it before you sell it???
Hey I did some checking and you can get a crankshaft for around 200 to 250 the prop for around 450 to 500 so I am lowering the price to 1850.00 OBO. I talked to a friend of mine who welds alum and he said that between material cost and labor the Stand and shroud would be over 1500.00 alone.
Ok price drop time 1500.00 OBO
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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