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Not sure if there's any interest for this beast, but I know it's getting increasingly rare-if not impossible-to find push/pull cables that attach to the steering tube.

This cable is brand new in the box, and has never been installed. It's an older cable-I picked a few cables up from a guy who had a bunch of old stock lying around. I did thread it through a steering tube and it screws on just fine.

I also have access to some 9' and 12' cables if there's any interest in those. Those are the ONLY other lengths I can get. Trust me I asked!

It's actually pretty smooth for its length, and could get someone by in a pinch. You'd have a coil of extra tubing, but there's no worries about it being too short :laugh:

No clue what this is worth. I know custom cables are pretty steep. I'll ship this to your door for $150.

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