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72degrees in January..AWESOME!!

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blah blah blah its only 27 here
78 degrees here.
Hah that sucks it'll probly be 27 next week this weather is so unpredictable
78 degrees here.
Thats nuts
balmy 3 above here woke up to -10
heck were gonna get 1inch of ice and up to 12 inches of snow by tuesday. so can you guys send up some of that warm air to me?
We do have a front on the way but its a nice 75 today! Of course it is raining but hey at least its not cold.
but the wind is still up, and the cold is comming back!
71 the past two days here, lowm of only 50 tuesday, thats bowfishing weather there boys
Rub it in!!

I am thinking about doing another crazy winter bowfishing trip up here. Bring on the ice and pushing boats across the ice to get to the water. Maybe I will bring my fan boat this time.
yea...78 today and highs expected in the 30's on Wed!
You suck we still have snow on the ground and 1 inch of ice comming and up to 16 inches of snow I want spring to get here.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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