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Two hunters were walking thru the woods when came to a clearing on the edge of the woods with a big sink hole on the edge of the field. The first hunter walked up to the edge and peered down into the dark abyss and the second hunter walked up to the edge and looked over also and said "dang I can't see bottom, I wonder how deep it is" , the first hunter has the idea to " let's find something to throw into the hole and we can count and see how long it takes to hit the bottom"

The two hunters look around and find an old car transmission sitting on the edge of the woods and carry it over to the hole and 1,2,3 throw the transmission in the hole....a couple seconds later they hear a rustling in the brush and a goat comes running and dives headfirst down the hole, and the 2 hunters stood there in total amazement at the whole ordeal.... As they were standing there the landowner pulled up and asked the hunters " you haven't seen my goat around here have you"

The hunters replied, " as a matter of fact we may have, we were standing there looking down the hole over there and a goat came running full tilt and just dove headfirst down the hole"

The farmer with a puzzled look replied "that is pretty odd, I had him chained to an old transmission to keep him away from that hole"
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