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Figured I'd start a new thread to post what we're anticipating from the production Angler. We've made some pretty significant changes to the bow to shorten and lighten it, but the geometry has remained the same, which should give us similar performance to the first run.

I just sent a response email to a fellow BFCer that contained this information:

Poundage: Original Anglers were set up to run up to 80 pounds, but since we've done so much lightening of the riser, it may be limited to 60 pounds. We won't know until we get one in hand. They will go down to at least 25 pounds without any trouble.

Let-off/Draw Length: The cams have been redesigned to give a wider range of let-off and draw length adjustment. We're looking to get at least 4" of draw length adjustment out of the cam with varying let-off adjustment (dependent on the draw length set-up on the cam). The system is capable of being set-up to run from next to no let-off to as high as 99% let-off. When you order your bow, we'll be asking for the let-off range and draw length you're looking for and set the bow up to achieve that. If you decide to change this down the road, depending on how much of a change you want, it may be as simple as twisting/untwisting the FF cabling or changing cable lengths for extreme adjustments.

We've been working to get a composite outboard, but I'm not sure they will be ready for the release of the Angler. We've always got wood outers to go with, but we're playing around with an idea that looks like it will probably work that will give you a better limb that is stronger and more weather resistant than the composits. This will all be ironed out as we get parts produced and bows assembled.

Boar does not like stainless bolts due to the fact that they are much softer steel than the black oxide bolts, but given the demand by bowfishers, stainless bolts will definitely be available in everything but the limb bolt (which needs the most strength and takes the most abuse). You will find that other manufacturers are doing the same thing for the same reasons.

We have ZERO plastic components on the bow. The closest we will get is machining the idler wheels from a delrin or nylon material. Both materials are extremely tough and have a natural lubricity built in to keep the timing system smooth and maintenance free. We've estimated that we've cut probably 70% or better of the friction out of the timing system (compared to an Oneida), and along with the cam placement on this bow, it will be hard to find a smoother, better drawing bow.

As far as color options, we're going to offer practically unlimited powdercoating options (single color) and will have around 5 or 6 stock film dipping options to choose from. Boar will be able to do other dipping options as long as the customer is fine with the delays of sending it off to the dipper and any additional expenses the dipper may need (for additional parts to be dipped or higher priced film patterns). He can also work with you on multiple powdercoating colors and options as far as fades, under/overcoats, and textures. Basically, we're hoping to give you the option to have a bow set up exactly to your specs with a good selection of finish options, or go completely custom direct from the manufacturer at costs that no other manufacturer can offer.

The bow is centered vertically, so the arrow nock is in the center of the string. This allows for a better transfer of energy from the bow to the arrow and makes the set-up extremely easy. The shelf is not a deep-cut shelf (shallow) which is the set-up most bowfishers prefer for the rest options available. We're producing a slightly beefier, deep-cut version of the Angler called the Invasion that has hunting in mind, but would be perfect for those desiring a deep-cut shelf or heavier draw weights.

Bare Bow Weight: ~3 pounds
Tip-to-Tip Length: ~40 inches
Velocity: We were achieving 210FPS-220FPS out of our original bows with the MiniXF cams (same profile as the updated cam system) and the bow was set at 28" draw length, 38lbs draw weight, and we were shooting a ~420gr hunting arrow. You can do the math, but she packs a punch! We will be posting real-world specs as soon as we have the revised Angler in hand.

The bow is lighter and shorter than other lever bows on the market. The machined 6061 Aluminum is as strong or stronger at lighter weights than a cast aluminum or magnesium option. The bow comes with our proven limb pocket that fully contains the limb while offering vibration and sound dampening features. Cams provide performance improvements while maintaining smoothness. You have a wide range of finishing options direct from the manufacturer, so you know your bow will come back to you ready to rock and roll! When you compare apples to apples with the competition, it's hard not to justify getting an Angler!

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Anglers? I have pictures.......

Here is my son with an Angler before bowfishing with Garpoon and RB. I took that one out the other day on the Kayak with Boar, no fish pics as well....uhmmm we missed.

Here is one that has been used and heavily abused (you should see it now) by Poohbear.

Here is Mike's.

How about RB.

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