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ANGLER PRICE??????????

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Figured i would start this thread back up.....
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I "DO" appreciate all Y'alls Persistance !!

Price is based on "the want", the more that want, the cheaper to build !!
say if i build 100 Anglers, you are looking @ a price tag of $750.00, 300/400/500 the prices would be reduced !!
machinist can run hundreds of parts faster than (1) part !!
now if i get orders for 10,000......................................this don't mean they are $5.00 ea. (>:
when's it available
Are we suppose to pre-order them? Where do i sign up?
After not being able to work things out with our 2nd party (which would have reduced costs considerably), we put it back in line with our machinist. He's working on the programming of the revised Angler as well as 2 other bow models, the Invasion (deep-cut shelf based on the Angler's geometry) and the Conspiracy (longer tip-to-tip finger/target bow). We're also finishing up the revisions to the Rising, which we're dubbing the Resurrection. As soon as he can cut out the components, the bows will be assembled and tested so that the true specs can be published, and then they will be available for order.

I believe we are going to have a sign-up list (possibly a pre-order) to know what kind of quantity we're looking at to nail the price down. Barring any troubles in the machine shop that might generate additional delays, we're looking towards the end of February (possibly first of March) of having everything ready with pictures and specs of each model.

Thanks again for everyone's patience. It's probably been the most trying for Boar and myself to get these things in production!

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Who do I talk to about gettin in line for one?
Drop Boar or Anonym a PM & I am sure they will get you hooked up!
I heard they have magic pixie dust mixed right in with the metal & unicorn horn for the limbs!! You CAN'T argue with that boys!! There's NO WAY to miss!!

Let's start a count of who all wants one (SERIOUSLY) going to buy one upon production!!!!

I'll take 1!!

I did and I'm dead serious. I've been shooting whatever I could find long enough
I'll start a new thread for those who are seriously interested to put their name in the hat so we can get an idea on numbers. And as far as who you'll be talking to about getting one, that will be Boar. I just design and help out on the internet. He's the one dropping the money to build these and will be the one to pay when it's all said and done. ;)
I see in the other thread how you mentioned the price around $750. I figured I'd post my thoughts here as to not mess up that thread. Is that alot of money? YES, but look at how much people spend on their deer hunting bow only to be used how many times? How much do we invest in out boats? During the bowfishing season I'll be out hopefully twice a week for 6-7 months. Thats only $15 a trip at that rate. Heck I spend more in gas each time out. I love my osprey, but if this really is that much nicer I can't wait to get one in my hands!! If the price isn't for you, there should be a few Oneidas coming up for sale soon.
I agree completely. We spend countless money on points, reel, arrows, boat repairs, gas, snack, drinks, etc. Stuff that just doesn't last all that long or is eaten/drank that night but when it comes to a major purchase lots of people complain about cost. I agree you think the more expensive it is the better it should be & that is not always the case. Trollers & fans often break, batteries go bad after a few years, but with a little care, a bow should last a heck of a long time. As soon as I get the cash saved up I am planning on ordering at least one.
I don't know if this question has been asked yet but who makes these bows?? An if its no oneida how did they use a patented design?? Just curious?? I shoot a cuda wanted an osprey this year but if this is better bow I will buyn 1 of these........
5150 makes the angler and Oneida's patent expired yeeeeeeaaaers ago!
patent searches were sought out, Provisional patents bought & No toes stepped on along the way !!
Oi c!!! Soo on the 1 to 10 scale sum1 rate the osprey then the an angler? An y is it better?
Oi c!!! Soo on the 1 to 10 scale sum1 rate the osprey then the an angler? An y is it better?
Osprey.. 8-9

Angler... 3.14 because it's sweet as pie!!! Lol.... Aka 10

0 plastic @ timing, a plus,
enclosed "Aluminum" limb pockets, a plus,
NO steel power limb bolts into aluminum riser (steel power limb bolt into steel barrel nut), a plus,
more Aggerssive cams so can be shot @ lower draw weight, a plus BUT 6061 machined riser can handle 70/80/90 lbs draw weight, a plus,
Fast Flight OR steel cable option, a plus
i Love Oneida's so i'll leave rateings ro Y'all
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