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Bent hinges on oneida eagle osprey.....

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Hello gentlemen. I'm in need of some advice.
I recently bought a used osprey and with in minuets of it being in my hands I realized something was very wrong with the bow... long story short one of the hinges was bent.. I'm getting ready too oder new hinges should I replace any other parts that could be stretched or damaged from shooting the bow with bent hinges and out of timeing... also im looking for a good shop too order from. A shop that has alot of knowledge in oneida eagle bows Thanks. Oh and i was thinking about shaving the limbs. Is that really worth it?? Thanks.
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That's an easy one. G-Strings. John and Joey Greenwell would know every piece you'd need to get your bow working again and they shave limbs as well. Find them on facebook or their website Home | GSTRING BOWSTRINGS
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