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boat destruction and reconstruction

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here is a little something my buddy and I have been working on....

20X60 hull........conversion to flush deck, false floor, and a few other odds and far deck is about 3/4 ers done (about to start on lights, and fan control) then the removal of paint and wiring everything up will be are a few pics, more to follow this weekend

these were before destruction, and after deck removal a few weeks ago


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here are a few after work started


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Lookin good bud
Looks Great....keep up the good work:hb:
That deck looks indestructible nice work
WOW!!! loooooooookkkkksssssssssss great!!
gettin there great job so far
looks like a quality boat!
Looking pretty good!!!:tu:
Looks very familiar....swear I have seen that done before! :) Good work, you will love that new deck.
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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