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April 16th 2011-The Plano Lasalle F&W Area Championship, Lake Village Ind.- Day night split event, big 10 with top 5 fish weighed from day and night portions. Day portion runs 12noon till 5pm. Prizes and food at 6pm, night portion starting at 8pm and runs to midnight.

May 21st 2011-Cabelas 3 Rivers Championship, Wilmington Ill.-Night shoot, big 10 competition. Longest gar pot. Big fish pot. Shoot runs from dusk till dawn.

June 5th 2011-AMS Grass Lake Championship, Antioch Ill.-Day Shoot Big 10 competition . Big carp pot.

July 9th 2011-The First Annual Muzzy Ohio River Championship Rosiclare Ill. Night Shoot Numbers Format, Optional Big 3 Competition

July 16th/17th 2011-Innerloc Illinois State Championship/Directors Shoot, Starved Rock SP, Utica Ill.- Day Time Big 6 competition, night split numbers and big 30 event.

July 16th & 17th 2011-Second Annual Midwest Bowfishing Festival

August 13th 2011- Time On The Water Illinois River Championship Spring Valley Ill.--Format to be announced

September 10th- The Bowfishing Extreme Ottawa Carp Derby At Allen Park- Morning/Day Shoot, Big 10 With Optional Big Fish Pot


March 19th 2011- BAI Season Kick Off Shoot At 3 Rivers, night event, Big 5 Competition with optional big fish pot.

May 1st 2011-Lake Michigan Monster Carp Roundup & Big Shad Competition, Day event, Lake Michigan at Pastericks Marina Big Carp & Big Shad Competition

July 10th 2011- Kankakee River Wading Shoot, Kankakee River SP, Day Event, Big 10 competition

We will also be adding 2 youth bowfishing championships, one out of Wilmington and another at the Rend Lake Spillway, and several bank tournaments held at the Rend Lake spillway. Dates and more info. Real Soon!:tu:
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