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I have building a bowfishing boat, off and on, for the last two years. You can see pics of it here:!-Tracker-1754-Build

A friend of mine lit a fire under my butt to get it finished , so we have been working on it hard for the last couple months. It is finally done, and we went on the maiden voyage monday night! We went to a small lake right by my house that is not the best place, but all the other nearby lakes were closed due to flooding from recent rains! We still did pretty well, taking 29 carp and 5 small gar.

It was so much fun, another friend talked me into going last night. Last night was not good at all! The water clarity was horrible, and there was debris everywhere. All the new water in the lake muddied it all up. We only got 7 fish, 4 carp and 3 gar.

My friend:

I can't wait to get the new boat out on a good lake with some clear water!!!!

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