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Im so ready to shoot some carp:hb:
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Im Just ready to go bowfishing in General
Im Just ready to go bowfishing in General
x2 my friend...
hail I been ready since last spring!!!!!come on spring.
All this snow up the East Coast should = Spring time floodwater. I got a couple good floodwater places. But I am wanting the river to get right for some BIGHEAD action !!!!!!
Im stoked. We actually have about 3 inches of snow right now. Thats a Texas blizzard!LOL SO far I have about 20 spotted gar to my 2011 count......
whats a carp?
I'm ready myself I absolutley hate winter
I want to shoot some fish soooooo frickin bad
Duck season has treated me very well, but now for the LONG wait untill the lakes open back up!! I NEED to bowfish!! Hope that dang groundhog is right!! Its killin me lookin at the boat and bow!!
well i ahve decided to just start fishing
ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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