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champion 3500 dying from vibrations

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well I just got done installing my reduction on my fan and went to a lot bigger prop, the outcome made it push a lot better but it also has a lot more vibration in the boat which I can live with. but the generator started acting funny when I would hammer down on the fan throttle and I could tell it was definitely from the rattling the fan caused. My hps lights would flicker for a second and then go out, then a second or two later the generator would shut off. I could go back and start it back up on the first pull but it kept happening when I would get on the fan throttle. I finally put a life jacket under the genny and it ran fine the whole rest of the night. any ideas why its dying from the vibrations?
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Try bypassing the low oil sensor
how do I go about doing that?
Yellow wire coming out of the block. There is a male and female connector a few inches out. Just unplug it
Just add a lil extra oil
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