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Flat Bottom

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2066 no leaks good trailer and tires. was going to rig up a fan on it but decided to go with a smaller boat!
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$1500 and will text pics pm me your number
where is it posted on craigslist at
little rock, ar
Seems like a great price, got pics? May be worth the drive!! Any other specs? Side height?
Got a link to the listing on craigs?
prolly 24" can get it on here tom
Thanks for the pics! Wish it had deeper sides, glws!!
It looks like 66 on the top of the boat not at the bottum. So it probly a 2048
I put a tape oN it and it was 55 bottom and 66 top if that's how they measure out
Just put pics on craigslist
Nevermind dsl is messing up text for pics 501-849-4288
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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