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flush or raised deck?

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Well I figured Id start a debate!

I have a raised deck on my 1648 wondering if I should change to a flush. We fish all day and all night just thinking the flush would be more versatile.

does a raised deck really make you see fish that much better during the day? My current deck is only 8 inches above and I can see pretty well
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I have an 18" raised deck on my 1860, and I'll never own another bowfishing rig without a raised deck!!!
I dont know if there is a right answer. All in how you wangt it. I have shot off raised decks and flush.... Really no difference for me, Just gotta kill everything that you can see is all...
slim that what I was thinking I just didnt know how much of an advantage I would have during the day with a raised deck if its only 8 inches. I do like having the lights hidden makes for a bigger deck surface but I think flush would be more versatile for regular rod fishing and just plane cruising around

I have been tossing up the idea for a while I mainly fish at night but I do always bring my bow just in case the fishys are out
Raised decks are the way to go!!
My experience proved to me that raised decks are great for daytime fishing and getting the lights off the shooting platform. the higher the better for daytime. 13" decks are very versatile best of both worlds. Flush decks school of thought is closer to the water, closer to the fish great for numbers shoots. Another benefit, you dont have to buy another trolling motor to use a flush deck. we shoot both for those reasons.
never shot off a raised deck.seems it would get in the way a lot an seems to be a pain to .02
i think the raised deck gives better vision
Raised deck for me
damn I dont know what to do its driving me crazy a raised deck I could have a wider deck but dang I dont know what to do??
Raised deck is the only way to go for me.
I guess what I should have asked was does 8 inches really give that much of an advantage? Im 8 inches taller than the two guys I fish with and they shoot well!

so if I went flush it would be like me shooting at their height on the current deck and theyd just be lower haha

So does 8 inches really make a HUGE difference dEck that is guys/gals
Well for me 8 inches.. ain't that much!! Oh wait.. you said DECK!!! My bad...

But seriously.. I'm going throught the same thing right now.. to raise or not to raise on my 1860.. I've decided to leave flush until I can get on a raised deck and shoot to see if it's worth it... I'm fixing mine to where I can add a alum frame under it to get the desired height if I so choose later on!! I shoot at night in a river so I don't have deep high vis shots very often.. But that's just my .02.. I may change my mind after shooting off a raised deck.. but for me currently.. I was more worried about being able to see while driving the boat down the river after dark!!!!! And A deck 12-24 inches couldn't have been more in my way!!

Also, on a 1648.. I just can't see 8 inches giveing you that much of a gain for what it's going to cost you in stability!! Either way.. you'll be happy as long as you're out on the water stick'n fish!!

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I have two boats one has an 18in raised the other is flush.

It is going to depend on what kind of shooting you do mostly?

If you do alot of daytime shooting I would for sure go raised but more then 8 inches.

If you shoot at night and also shoot the tournaments then stay at the 8 inches or go flush.

I use my flush deck when I am shooting tournaments because I don't have to step off the deck to pick up a 40 or 50lbs buff

Hope this helped
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ya stability was never an issue we shot three no problems with stability.

I guess i should by two boats
I've fished both but prefer a flush deck
i have a 1960 that i am in the middle of trying to figure out if i want to go raisd or flush. i think im going flush
Raised 18" on my 1860, love it
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