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Ok guys , here is the story.......We were in search of the big fish yesturday morning and we got to the boat ramp on the trinity river, put the boat in and went off to kill a GG, the river was coming up , LITTLE DID WE KNOW we were in for the ride of our life...Bout 4 o'clock we ran into a couple guys I knew from OK and they asked if that was MY truck on the Island ? I said HUH, without carring on with them we hauled ass back to the truck and found my truck on a SMALL hill getting smaller by the second, the water came up 5-6 foot in 7 hours and rushing like you would not belive.. We were in a boat so we were safe to get to the bank, but my truck was 300 yards from being safe, and nobody could think of anything to do..We put my boat TRAILER on my BOAT and got it across to safety plus I had a way to get the boat home, then we put my truck on a lil-hill on the highest point to TRY to keep it dry..I am sick as hell cause I have been ****ED by insurance com before..My truck today is 1 inch from coming into the cab, but my buddy has a big hull and were fixen to try some chit to get it out....Pray for us , its about to get real.....Somebody can get my pics from FB and put them on here...Im sick as hell bout the whole deal, ifanybody wants to see some crap or wants to help, holla at me in da morning...
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Just spent 20 to 30 minutes looking through this thread... totally worth it!! hahahaha classic stuff!
You shoulda said hell with it and just turned it into a prime GG blind
u look close enough to the bridge call a crane service and pick it up its a ford it will handle it
Still a awsome thread.
Next time you go to the river I need you to take my truck...
did you have to tell the new owner about this when you sold the truck? would that come up on a carfax lol
God this is still funny 2 years later
God this is still funny 2 years later
Agreed lol
Hoopty, You may want to consider a new bowfishing rig?
Lol. Best thread ever.
Question was never answered. Did they really stick that gg off the back of your truck
best picture ever rite there
<a href=¤t=IMAG1481.jpg target=_blank><img src= border=0 alt=></a>
yep !!pricless Hollywood has to be looking for these guys.:D
Well, I'll say one thing for ya. That is something you don't see everyday. Nice to know that you guys with airboats can retire them and use the hull to make yourself a ferry, albeit a small one. Glad things worked out, this was pretty cool.
... <a href=¤t=IMAG1494.jpg target=_blank><img src= border=0 alt=></a>
Gotta love the guys in the top left corner of the pic watching with a "What the..." face :laugh:
Lol. Best thread ever.
U out there poopty?
381 - 400 of 415 Posts
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