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Going Hog doggen for first time the 5th

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My buddy and I are going hog dogging for the fist time this coming saturday.Here it's alot fun.Hope we come home with a couple of hog's to put in the freezer.
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Lots of FUN! I had 32 dogs and guided HOG DOG hunt's for years. LOTS of work but man its FUN! Have fun!!
From what I hear we will.It will be the first time hunting with dogs.I hear you better watch out for them when they turn and want to get you.
Good luck! I can see the pork in the smoker already!
It is the best kinda hunting IMO.. Really gets the heart pumping!
Thats what I hear.Kinda like when I went bowfishing for the first time.
have a blast bud and keep your alert up.:tu:
ran dogs 5nights a week for years when i lived in FL. aint nuttin like it!!! nothin at all
its an awesome experience
Well we had an awsome time and only ended up getting only one and it was a 1 1/2 Boar.The rain had messed everyhting up,the hog's did'nt mve ay all.But looking forward to going back again though.
Well here's some pics if I can post them.Got them up.He's still alive on the four wheeler.Tell you what they don't like being scratched behind the ear's wqhen they tied up.:laugh:


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Ive never heard of Hog New word for me!
Ive never heard of Hog New word for me!
Court it’s the same thing as “running hog dogs”
Court it’s the same thing as “running hog dogs”
ohhh okay.................................!
Its not fun if you shoot or stab them! Much more fun when you take them out alive!
thats sumthing id really like to do some day.
i got to move south. i think i could realy get in to that.
We had a good time.But we just got on that one.Maybe next time we can get on a few more.
any pics?
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