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Got me another boat project - This time it's aluminum

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Excited for this project. Have a lot of plans for it. Starting midway through the season, so it's going to get going quick!!

Original build thread from FireNhunt : Bought another boat

She's been sitting in the sun for a few years. First on the list is a good sanding and a new paint job. Going to go with a snow camo pattern.

Digital ballasts are already on order, new housing probably in a week or so. Going with 6 400W lights. Got HPS/MH switchable ballasts. Havent decided what I am going to go with.

All new interior LEDS ordered.

Next then will be new hydroturf and new seats. Should be pretty much ready for the water then. Then this winter will be some new goodies.








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Took her out. Man I’m in love with the Ultrex, so smooth and quiet. And that spot lock is amazing. Used the crap out of it in the wind! Water temps still 55 degrees and didn’t see any fish. Glad to give it a rundown and had no issues!
Not sure which I am more jealous of, the slick boat you have or the water!
61 - 63 of 63 Posts
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