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Well I got stuck last min yesterday going to Houston for a trainng class for work....that being said anyone know anything fun to do in the north Houston area besides sitting in a hotel room drinkin lol this town sucks:td:
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yeah houston sucks
what? houston can be a blast! gotta try the clubs and bars,,,, just gotta get out there!
nope..your screwed.2 much city for this hick.
wednesday night - go to big texas.
Thanks....kinda haha cool place but made for a Hell of a hangover lol
i knew it would be a good option for ya! lol
bout all there is to do is big tx like he said, specially with this weather, otherwise you could go to the river or lake
Well Houston is quite famous for its many strip clubs and exceptional T&A! If you frequent those places....of course I wouldn't know anything about them myself. :)
hahaha didnt even think about that, my buddies gf works in one on rankin
Oh hell yeah. H-town at night....yee freaking haa.
Of course that was years ago. I'm sure it still rocks at night. Thursday nights
at the country dance halls was ok, Wed. nights were better, it was ladies night.
Friday's are good too. Of course the rock clubs are pretty awesome too.
If your shy, hit the topless bars. BYOB's are the cheapest route. The others
charge way to much per drink.
Yeah I lived there about 10 years ago when I was going to schoool but everythng has changed and I hadn't been back since.....ill tell you what though I left at 7 this morning to driv back to north of Dallas and i just now walked in the door! 10 hrs 45 min A$$ whooping driving 200 miles on a solid sheet of ice...not fun I am soooooooooo ready for a beer or 20
hey Bud, i just sent you a good belt buckle polishing song, "HOUSTON"
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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