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Lessons Learned

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So, being as the weather was beautiful today and my boss let me go from work early, I figured I'd go up to Clarks Hill and walk the banks for a few hrs. I tried three spots and didn't see anything but one bluegill but I learned some valuable lessons:

1. When you are walking the banks at night, it can be pretty hard to tell where the shore ends, water begins. Found this out the hard way.
2. Rubber boots would be a great investment.
3. Shooting a bow and keeping the headlamp on where you are trying to shoot is REALLY hard.
4. Peep sights and pins are worthless if you can't see them. (Still shooting my deer bow til I can find a deal on a cheap bowfishing bow)

Regardless, I had a great time and enjoyed the beautiful weather and the stars AND I wasn't at work so the night was a success.

If anyone else has any tips about bowfishing from shore, or any local folks have any honey holes they'd be willing to share, post here.
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you need a hawg light way easier than a head lamp
Man, I'll get one eventually, but for right now, I'll get the $15 headlamp to work so I don't have to fork over $130 for the hawglite
You gotta thug your headlight by putting it on the left side of your 4head for a rightie.
You can spend $15-25 on a coleman LED flashlight. They work great, either 80 or 110 lumens on 2 AA batteries that last for 7 hours.
bring a friend to hold the light and wear some good boots so you dont slip in and get wet. Once it starts to get hot get a good hydro pack to keep water and spare parts in. Bought one last summer and that thing came in handy alot.
Yea bringing someone always helps you can take turns holding the light and shootin fish !! Good Luck no matter what ya choose
Guys, thanks for the input! One of these days, I'll get a hawglite (and maybe a boat), but until then, I'll give the "thuggin it" approach and try to get a buddy to help out an option a try.
get a cheap little tac light and duct tape it on your riser.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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