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Logging out?

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Is anyone else having to log back in all the time? I have never had this issue before and it started doing it yesterday. Did I screw up my settings?
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Do you have the remember me box checked?
I have issues with the site TIMING out sometimes but I just refresh and its back but thats it
The site will time out if you sit idle for a certain period of time
Almost certain to be the remember me is not checked at login.
I do have it fav. part about bfc has always been that as soon as I cliked the web address it opened with me signed in. this has to be something i did wrong, i just figure out what. i messed around with my profile last night for awhile. must have screwed it up then.
Well if you're 100% certain it is checked then it's likely a cookie issue on the browser as that's how it remembers.

Sometimes just closing the browser, clearing your cookies and repotting in will do it.

But it seems to be working generally for most everyone.
You might have changed your history setting on windows, you can set it where it will erase the cookies as soon as you leave any site.
Just remember, it's all about cookies and time. In fact when you use the new refresh, it keeps you logged in better if your cookies are messed up. Why? Because you are reloading Allot.

Most people find that the remember me button wasn't checked when they thought it was. Beyond that it's usually a cookie that won't reset.

But that's all there is to the login.... Cookies & Time.
thanks alex. i will get it figured out.
I am having the same issues... The "remember me" box is checked... It just started when the refresh option was added...
what's the refresh option?
The site will time out if you sit idle for a certain period of time
Im not sitting idle it does it when i try to open threads? not all of the time but sometimes
Ok, there ya go.

there are two links in the nav now.

New Posts - works just like it always did. Its copied from the backup I made before I made the change.

Right next to it is "Auto Refresh" - which uses the refresh system.

If you think its causing you some issue, then you wont need to click it. Just use the What's New. :)

Choice is good.

FWIW, this is running now on 4 forums since last night. Havent had any reports of logging out except from here. I still have my money on a cookie issue but since I cant be sure , the choice is there :)
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There is an auto refresh that was just added... It is just to the right of the new post button
once i figure out that i had to create the user id again and quit trying to log in with old info i aint had any my history for like 3 days so longer than that and i gotta sign back in
when I hit refresh it swithed my screen to the black edition, then i clicked page 2 and it went back to the white and blue?
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