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Muzzy XD- No Drag

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anyone else had a problem with a XD reel losing all drag? After inspection the slotted hole in the housing the drag pin drops into is rounded out. I have made numerous attempts to contact Muzzy with zero help from them. Any idea's on a fix would be appreciated. It is the XD that has the grey ring on the cap.
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Go on bowfishing extreme and order the new parts that you need.
if the slotted hole is trashed then you will need to replace the housing... what has happen was your drag was not turned all the way down when your removed your cap... at some point you must have played with the drag with the cap off so then the pin changed position and rounded out the slotted hole... I have seen it happen before...
been awhile since I first posted this, but Muzzy took care of me and rebuilt this reel at no charge other than me shipping to them! won't use any other reel!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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