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20' X 8' Standard Aluminum Hull
PCM LSA 6.2L Supercharged Engine
CH4 2.52:1 Belt Drive Reduction Union
4 Blade Carbon Fiber 80" Sensenich Prop
Recessed Deck Lid with Stainless Steel Locking Latch
3/8" Black UHMW Polymer attached with screws on the Bottom of the hull
1/4" Black UHMW Polymer attached with screws on the sides of the hull
4" Painted Walk-arounds with Non-Skid
18" Extended Bow w/Access Door for Shotgun Locker
Aluminum Flooring
24" Aluminum Step Rake w/ Webbing, Non-Skid and Side Navigational Lights
Lexan Covered Stainless KC Lights in Grassrake
Stainless Steel Powdercoated Superstructure
3 Anodized Aluminum Rod Holders on Each Side of Prop Guard
Slanted Center Instrument Panel with Cup Holders and Glove Box
Fatman Side by Side Rear Operator Seating on Aluminum Box
Fourman Front Passenger Seating with Tote Baskets


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Great looking rig :tu:

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