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OK I had several boats bookmarked on old forum before crash and now have no way to contact them. I have been waiting six months on a refinance of the house to go through and didn’t want to take any money out of savings until it was finished.
Thought I would post my bookmark info and see if these boats are still for sell or if anyone knows who owns the boats. Below is info as I have it and some info as I remember it. List is newest first and some at the bottom were from last Sept or Oct. so they may be gone.
2007 tracker 1860 CC Info below thanks mudfish
17x60 Bowfishing rig for saleInfo found waiting on pictures
18’ all weld expressfound info
19 foot lowe ready to fishfound ad owned by shoot2thrill out of henderson ky no contact info
16-60 f&f poly bottom fan boat talked to Kevin boat isn't for sale anymore
17-54 lowe (I think this boat was out of Kentucky)

anyone have contact info or know shoot2thrill

There was also a blue (color) boat from Wisconsin that I PM owner about that I don’t think I bookmarked, this was a day or two before crash.

Anybody with a 16-20 foot prefer 60-72 wide boat prefer rigged but let me know what you got. Prefer troller rig but a fan would work also.
Let me know what you got.
Already sent pm's on a couple of boats on the new site, waiting on some pictures and trying to decide what to do, exploring options but ready to buy.

Thanks everyone for you help.
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the 1660 is kevin moffets im not sure of his name on here. it has a 31hp briggs with a 50 powerfin and reduction. he lives in central ar..
the 17x60 was boondock bowfishing i think
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