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Sorry I don't have a better name than that. But these are a huge hit at my parties and at work.

Recipe for this batch:
6 pheasants
3 packages of bacon
2 cups of soy sauce
2 cups of Worcestershire sauce
2 cups of olive oil
2 one gallon zip-loc baggies
1 jar of Jalapeno slices
tooth picks


So I started out by going through the pheasant meat and cleaning all feathers and fat and making sure there wasn't any BB's in the meat. Then cubed them up in a little bigger than bite size pieces (due to shrinkage when grilled).

After the bird meat was all cubed up I split the meat into two different piles of roughly same portions.

Put each pile of meat in its one one gallon zip-loc bag.

Mix 1 cup of soy sauce, 1 cup of worcestershire sauce and 1 cup of olive oil in a bowl and mix well then pour the sauce mix in the bag. (Repeat for each bag)

Chill the marinating meat in the bag for 24 hours in the fridge.


After marinating for 24 hours take the pheasant meat of and dump into a large bowl.

Cut the packages of bacon in half and maybe even in thirds depending on how big your pieces of game meat are.

Lay out a piece of bacon

Place a slice of jalapeno and a piece of pheasant meat on the bacon and wrap it.

Place tooth pick through the wrap to hold the bacon and the jalapeno in place.

Repeat like 100 times places ready to go pieces on the rack.




Last year when making these I placed them right on my grill rack and almost burnt my garage down so this year I used some of my wife's cookie/muffin/bread cooling racks and they worked perfect. I could even fit a cookie sheet under the racks to catch most of the grease drips reducing flare-ups.

Fire up the grill to about medium heat

Place the cookie sheet in the middle of the grill and then stack the racks accordingly over the sheet.

Keep the grill around 350-400 degrees for 15-20 mins

Once they are done place them in a crock pot to keep warm


DOWN THE HATCH! :cheers:

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Sounds pretty close to the duck poppers I make. Depending on duck breast size, cut into 2-4 pieces leaving large enough to cut a small cavity into. Stuff with cream cheese and jalapeno wrap with bacon and then grill.

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I've done them with dove too. I actually think dove is the most delicious of all the birds but thats just me
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