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I have posted the topics for people to go into and discuss, and members will be able to go to each thread and give their opinion on each topic...... this will be a place for people to give their ideas on that topic.....PLEASE be honest and give opinions that will work for the masses, not just a certain area.....if another topic needs to be entered during the meeting, only a few of us will be able to do so....
At the end of the week of the discussion, we will post up a poll for each topic that needs a vote so members will be able to vote on them, but please post your name when you vote and you can put yea or nea even though you did so with the poll.....
As president, I will only vote in case of a tie....and remember, the vote of the members is the way it will be unless changed at a later the spring meeting and voted on by the members.....
If a new topic needs to be brought up, please pm or call me and I will place it up on here if it's revelant and not discussed covering one of the topics already in place.....
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