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Safety slides not easily sliding

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On all of my current arrows I run the orange ams safety slides. I’ve been finding them hanging up and not easily sliding down the arrow as the arrow gets beat up. I feel when it gets sticky it throws my shot off. Does anyone run the metal Cajun bowfishing rings? Or something equivalent? I feel like these would be less apt to hang up on the arrow and possibly be quicker to retie to. Also, minor as it may be, less restriction when shooting into the water?
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I don't have much experience in this department as I don't shoot slides anymore now that I shoot a spinner but when I shot a bottle I did. But I also never really had any issues with slides hanging up even when I would bury arrows in the mud it never seemed to effect the shot enough for me to notice. But I do know people have tried the constrictor slide from innerlock. I don't know anything about the Cajun ones other than some of the things from Cajun are more subpar than others. All that being said I'm sorry I couldn't offer more help but seeing as there is only about 5 of us that visit this site anymore you get what you get lol
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