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2011 Upstate Bowfishing:

Club Officials:
Donnie Simpson (Pres.) (864) 978-9414
Dan Ashley (V. Pres.) (864) 980-5147
Nick Jones (sec.) (864) 444-3518

Schedule: 7 tournaments 6 scored
March 12th - Hartwell - Broyles
April 1st - Wateree - Friday Night - Wateree Creek
April 9th - Wylie - Buster Boyd
May 7th - Clarks Hill Classic - Dual format big 10/numbers - Dorn (Hawe Creek)
June 4th - Greenwood - Hwy 34
July 2nd - Russel - Calhoun Falls State Park
Aug. 27th - Murray - Hilton Rec. Area

Shootout Tournament- Date and location to be determined
To be eligible to participate in the shootout you must have missed no more than one tournament and be in the Top 5 in Points.
The location for this tournament will be randomly picked the day of the shoot.

Point System:
1st- 125 pnts
2nd- 100 pnts
3rd- 75 pnts
4th- 50pnts
5th- 25pnts
Anything after 5th get a set number of 20 pnts
25 additional pnt just for showing up
20 pnts for big fish

All points will be added up and this will determine the UPSTATE CHAMPS.

If a team is disqualified from a tournament for any reason they will not receive any points.

Non-Member boats do not acquire points.

6 out of the 7 tournaments will be scored. This means you will be allowed to miss one tournament and not have it count against you or your lowest scoring tournament will be automatically dropped at the end of the series.

All tournaments are Big 10 unless stated otherwise (Points awarded for Big 10 Only)

Entry Fees:

$60 per boat for Members
(membership fees are $80 per team)

$80 per boat for Non-members

The number of participation at each tournament will determine payouts.

1-5 boats present = 1st place payout
6-10 boats present = 1st, 2nd places and big fish payout
11 or more boats present = 1st, 2nd, 3rd places and big fish payout

The additional Non-member fees ($20) will be removed along with 10% of the remaining money from the entry fees at each tournament. This money will be added with the membership dues in the Upstate Bowfishing Club Account. At the end of the year the money will be split (80% to the Points Champs and 20% as added bonus money to the Club shootout Tournament)

Team will consist of 2 - 3 members.
Substitutes are acceptable as long as one team member is present


All Rules and Regulations must be followed at all times. If a team does not abide by all rules and Regulations it will result in Disqualification from the event and in some situations it could possibly result in the team being banned from future events.

Unsportsman like conduct will not be tolerated and could result in warnings and or suspension leading up to permanent dismissal from UBC. *
Any moneys for the entry fees or *kept for the championship are non refundable

All SCDNR rules must be followed at all times.

Cheating will NOT be tolerated any team caught cheating will be immediately disqualified and will be banned from future events.

Gaffs with a single hook and a length of no longer than 6' may be used to land fish. (No nets of any kind are allowed to be used or in the boat)

All fish must be taken with a bow.
(compound, lever, recurve, longbow, or crossbow)

Trailering is NOT allowed all teams must enter and leave from the designated ramp.

Please respect the rights of homeowners and others on or around the lake. Try to avoid the highly populated areas and be courteous and polite.

It is illegal to Posses grass carp in South Carolina and shooting grass carp will NOT be tolerated.

Teams will be required to meet at the boat ramp 1 hour before official sunset. If there is a problem in which a team will be late a club official must be contacted prior to blast off.

Teams will be required to return to the designated ramp by no later than 3:00 am. There must be at least one team member from each team available for a roll call at the scales by 3:05am. It is each teams own responsibility to make sure they are accounted for at roll call. After 3:05am you will lose one fish per minute up until 3:10am when any team not accounted for will be disqualified. (ex: If you return at 3:06am you can only weigh 9 fish; if you return at 3:10am you can only weigh 5 fish)

When you come to weigh in make sure u have your fish ready to be weighed.
There will only be one fish weighed for big fish on the tournament scales.

All decisions made by upstate bowfishing club officials will be final.
-if you have any issues/questions talk to an official immediately

Upstate Bowfishing Club and Officials will not be responsible for accidents or lost property.

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ok if i left somethin out we will fix it asap...

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ok we added some stuff....

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and just another reminder..the decision was made to combine classes so we no longer have seperate classes!!!! All one class now and all boats are welcome!
We made quite a few changes this year...should make for a Great year!

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Lovin the schedule... and can't wait for March to come around! Hope its warmer than Murray last year! lol
yea last year's march murray shoot all but sucked...even tho we did have a propane heater we still got purty chilly...

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You should have been with us turning circles in the middle of the lake with our trolling motor... Just hoping to flag someone down at 3:00 in the morning! lol

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Man I bet seeing y'all goin in circles was priceless, like a fish with only one fin, hahaha
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