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Okay to start off I have searched the crap out of this and haven't found anything. And I don't want to hear hps is better because my last rig had 9 400 watt hps on it and I kill just as many fish ( actually a lot more lol ) with my new boat.

I'm debating on getting rid of my 50 watt seelites and upgrading, I had my mind set on 80 watts until I was searching around on their website seeing they offer 100 watt in 12/24v now. So now my question is what do you guys think of running 14 100 watts off my alternator and batteries? I have seen plenty of other airboats running 10 or more 80 watts but haven't seen anyone running the 100s yet. I just want to hear some of your guys opinions before I ordered them or if I should just stick with the 80s

Thank you for your time, Jeff
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